40 Times People Create Amazing Crafts

Some people use their free time to create amazing crafts even if results are not successful always. People shared their amazing crafts in a subreddit and here are 40 of them.

1. Made A Wood Resin Comb, Inspired By Patronus

amazing craftsemily3289

2. I Got Into Making Stained Glass During Quarantine – My Favorite Things To Make Are Corners Like This


3. I’m Addicted To Making Felted Cats. What Do You Guys Think?

amazing craftsPuntikva

4. I Spent Way Too Long On This.. Addams Family ‘Polly Pocket’ Style Playset


5. I Made A House For My Cat And Im Super Proud Of It. Also My First Time Doing Something Like This, Because Im Just 14

amazing craftsRendomBlazen

6. My First Selfmade Bookshelf Insert.it‘S Not Perfect But I Love Looking At It


7. Dresser Ive Been Working On For My Sons Nursery

amazing craftsKingStrange24

8. As I Am Only 100cm Tall, I Sewed Myself A Jacket Out Of A Pillowcase


9. I Turned Some Unused Circuit-Boards Into A Map

amazing craftsThoroughWhenever

10. I Make Pottery Out Of Dirt That I Dig Up Myself. These Are Made From 9 Different Wild Clays From Around The Brisbane Area