40 Times People Create Amazing Crafts

11. Hi New Here! My Mother Makes Homemade Cards And Just Recently She Entered In Her Card To A Facebook Contest. All The Old Women In The Group Don’t Seem To Like It And She’s Upset Because She Spend A Lot Of Time On This Card. I Want To Prove Her Wrong That People Actually Like Her Card! Thanks!

amazing craftsEEickele

12. A Year Or So’s Worth Of Embroidery


13. Extreme Impulse Project – Painted Over My Fireplace Tonight And Now I Need Validation At One Am

amazing craftskatierose0324

14. I Made Myself A Pair Of Shoes – All By Hand Stitching


15. I Made Myself A Pair Of Shoes – All By Hand Stitching

amazing craftshvalur87

16. Lost Both Of My Jobs Due To Covid-19, Decided To Try Something New


17. Lord Of The Rings Messenger Bag I Just Finished!

amazing craftsMrhydez

18. I Use Beach Pebbles To Portray Fond Memories. Here’s Me With My Grandad


19. Nearly 9 Months Later And This Monstrosity Is Finished! First Truly Big Crochet Project And I’m Extremely Proud

amazing craftsimasassypanda

20. My Mom Is A Painter. Here Is One Of Her Latest Pieces!