40 Times People Create Amazing Crafts

31. My Ribbon Embroidery


32. I Wanted To Be A Jellyfish For Halloween. It Turned Out Better Than I Thought


33. I Made A Lilac Branch Out Of Cold Porcelain.very Long And Painstaking Work, A Lot Of Small Parts,stamens,but It’s Worth It

amazing craftspolymerclay_art

34. My New Niece Is Going To Have A Bee Themed Room So I Crocheted Her This Blanket


35. My Hand-Painted Food Rocks

amazing craftsthejuniper

36. I Needle Felted Ice Bear (Made 100% From Wool)


37. Some Armor I Made For Fun, Have Some New Designs In A Notebook So Comment If You Want To See It

amazing craftsmacaroni___addict

38. Finally Done With My Hand Painted “Wallpaper”!


39. Ottomans That I Made With My Wife. She Knit And Upholstered, And I Did The Woodworking

amazing craftsVicNickles

40. Chubby Seals Crafted In Ceramics By My Mom