What Your Colors Say About You

Silent Gray

Gray is an objective and quite color. It means that you are silent, introverted and aloof. It has an indescribable presence among all the spicy and cheerful colors. I refers to adulthood and customs. When it encounters a change of the current state of things, it responds with the underlying self-respect it has.

Quiet Gray

Tranquil White

White is associated with innocence and simplicity. White loving person is quiet and reserved. White is the color of tranquility and harmony not only for your mind but also for your house. White means that you have a good style, delicateness and realistic character.

Serene White

Intelligent Black

Black shows that you are complex and clever. It is a dignified, stylish and distant color. It draws in potentials and appreciation to you as an individual and also to your environment. You are innovative, self-confident and independent.

Sophisticated Black

Contemporary Silver

This is a bright, contemporary and objective color. It goes well with anything and any color, if you use silver you can give your room a different aspect. Silver points that you are progressive and first-rate. It also shows that you are a fashionable and confident in the face of newly developing technologies.

Modern Silver