What Your Colors Say About You

Elegant Purple

This color means that you are gentle and creative. People who like it are original, neat and tidy; besides they are cool! It is possible that not everybody will understand your need for a private space and solitude but that is not a problem. You are a tolerant person with clever jokes.

Plush Purple

Charming Pink

This is a gentle and sensitive color that symbolizes the passion for emotions and safety. If you like pink then you are tender, bighearted and caring. Pink is strongly related to femininity, it signifies motherly security, particular attention and sanctuary.

Pretty Pink

Simple Brown

The person who likes brown is autonomous, down to earth and silent. This is a simple and reasonable color, it is usually the essential color of rooms, brown combines well with colors like green and white. This color shows that you are careful and loyal, it also means that you are not fond of being flamboyant.

Basic Brown

Friendly Orange

You have strength and curiosity. You are a sociable person, impressive and brave. This is the color of powerful areas that people gather around, it indicates the love for discovering novelty. Orange calls the attention to itself so people looking for a cheerful and pleasant time prefer this color.