Zhuhai Opera House: Stunning Island Structure in China

The Zhuhai Opera House, on the shores of the Yeli Island of Zhuhai, is one of the most stunning buildings in China today. China is mainly famous for its ancient and medieval buildings like temples and palaces. However, the modern architecture of the country is also making headlines. This specific cultural structure is one of the products of this modern architecture that strives both for appearance and effectiveness. The location of the Zhuhai Opera House is one of its main attractions. It is right in the middle of the place where the Pearl River meets the South China Sea. With its tides, ebb, and flow, the sea and the building converge together in harmony, allowing a beautiful spectacle.

Zhuhai Opera House

The opera house was built in 2017 over a total building area of ​​59,000 square meters. This of course makes it one of the largest cultural complexes in the world. It is 90 meters tall and cost nearly 160 million dollars. The main building can support up to more than 1500 people. Additionally, there is another theatre with 550 seats and an outdoor theatre with 350 seats as well. The building quickly became an icon of the city and a popular place for art lovers.

Zhuhai Opera House during night time

Arguably, the most interesting aspect of the Zhuhai Opera House is its shape and appearance. The complex consists of two tall and large shells, one bigger and the other smaller in size. The architect of the opera house said that he was inspired by the famous 15th-century painting The Birth of Venus by Sandro Botticelli. Aside from the painting, the design of the shells takes inspiration from the Asian moon scallop as well.

Zhuhai Opera House from above

Aside from the opera house and theatres, the Zhuhai Opera House is equipped with LED lighting and giant screens as well. As a result, the opera staff are able to project the shows outside so that people nearby can watch them too.

Zhuhai Opera House and the island
Zhuhai Opera House structure
building during the night
various colours building
building interior
structure interior
seats in the opera