What Your Colors Say About You

Peaceful Blue

It is a color that brings you serenity. You are tranquil and assured. It is a meditative color. It is not a demoralizer on the contrary it is liberating. It makes you think about the sky, the seas and the waves. Calm blue evokes the feeling of being in an open space, under the clear sky where you are as free as a bird.

calm blue

Divine Turquoise

People who like turquoise are complicated, creative and confident. The color is related to solitude and following a successful path. These delicate and balanced people have a taste in genuinely and carefully designed places because they prefer elegance and style.

Inspired Turquoise

Cheerful Yellow

You are cheerful, bright and full of spirit. You don’t worry too much and bring smiles to people’s faces. This is the perfect color for collaborative groups of people and generating new stuff. This is a joyous color with lots of positive energy, good thought and a happy world-view.

Sunshine Yellow

Active Red

Red is a hot and dynamic color and the person is brave, self-confident and passionate. The color can provoke you to be active in your daily life and personal space. It is a very strong color that brings joy, movement and spirit.


Tender Green

If green is your color you are optimistic, kind and honest. This color adjusts very well with other colors it is harmonious and friendly. So, it is a good choice for the sections of the house where gatherings take place. If you like green it means that you are skilled at making new friends. You easily say what you think but at the same time you are very soft and considerate.

Gentle Green