What Is The Kindest Thing A Pet Has Done For You?

A Quora user asked ‘What is the kindest thing a pet has done for you?’ and here are 12 of the most wholesome responses.

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1. My Cat Saw I Was Hungry So She Brought Me Food

kindest thingPaul Watson

“This is Ashley. I was broke , I had bought her cat food with my last few rands , and it was 2 days from pay day. There was no food in the house. I went to bed hungry , and next morning i made her breakfast , and this beautiful creature looked at me , turned around and went out the window. I was thinking , great abandoned by the cat as well , and then i heard a Muffled Rowl. That sound i know , she came jumping through the window with a pigeon she had just caught , and dumped it by my feet. She looked at me and battered her eyes and cleaned herself. It was like she knew i was hungry , so she went and caught me something to eat.
What a beautiful soul …”

2. “My pet dog, Leslie, literally saved my life one day.”

Bethany Pasell

“It was a year ago, I was still in 11th grade and I was having a lot of mental issues and school problems (failing, absent, sick, etc.) that pushed me to the edge. (…) I was writing my suicide note and heard some whining, I looked over to my door and saw Leslie staring at me with her ears down. I gave her kisses and sat back down but then she forced herself onto my lap, like, pushed my arms aggressively out of the way to lay on my lap. Because of this I couldn’t move, I couldn’t reach the gun behind me, I didn’t want to move, because she looked so nervous and concerned and even when I tried to move she would growl. She growls as a way of talking so she wasn’t trying to scare me. She stayed there long enough for my neighbors to come busting my door down and finding me. She’s my hero”

3. “My Siberian husky spent 13 weeks in the hospital with me. “

kindest thingKenneth DePrima

“Never leaving my side except when a friend came by to walk her and take he to go to the bathroom. She made me laugh all the time and visited other and brought them happiness while we were stuck in the hospital.”

4. From Trashcan Kitten To Forever Best Friend

Judy Ranelli

“I saw an orange feral kitten eating out of a trash can. After seeing him a few days in a row, I don’t know why, but I decided to trap him with a humane trap, get him neutered, and try to tame him. I spent a few weeks keeping him in a large wire dog crate/cage in a spare bedroom. I would leave regular food and water in the cage, and then try to entice him with chicken baby food (it’s called Kitty Crack by cat rescues) on a plastic spoon, duck taped to a long stick. He had a favorite hiding place made out of a shoebox with a t-shirt over it, the neck opening was the ‘door’, and he would stick out his head and lick the baby food out of the spoon. I talked to him a lot, read him books, sang to him and felt a fool. I thought anyone who could have watched this grey haired lady trying to convince this kitten to trust her would be amused.
One day, after the chicken baby food on a stick/spoon ritual, he paused, looked at me, and did this long meow. Never could I describe it, just thinking about the moment gives me chillbumps. Then he came out of his hiding place and beckoned to me, putting his front paws through the cage, to pet him. He has trusted me, completely, utterly, ever since. He hides from everyone else. It was a magical and miraculous thing. He is the most loving, devoted pet I have ever had. And I will never let him down.”

5. “Unconditional Love”

kindest thingShiruba Sol

“My earth angel of 15yrs taught me unconditional love and awakened me fully after her passing. But through losing her in 3D, I learned so much about Life’s values and what truly matters, which triggered a complete transformation of my identity.

See you at the rainbow bridge my black baby”

6. Comforting Me During My Illness

Christie Kel

7. Supported Me During My PTSD

kindest thingMarie Weaver

“This is Geordi. He was a friendly farm cat who was going to be taken to a kill shelter, so I offered to take him. He enjoyed hanging around and was a really laid-back guy. Only cat I ever had who didn’t mind being taken to the vet. He’d enjoy if you petted him, but wasn’t ever a lap cat or overly touchy-feely. He also never slept on my bed, though I’d try to put him there. He preferred to lie on the couch alone or sprawl across the floor.

I have Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, which has improved greatly over the past few years, but used to manifest in extreme anxiety and especially night terrors. I would have nightmares so terrifyingly real, I would wake up in cold sweats, convinced I was having a heart attack. On multiple occasions, instead of this, I would wake up to Geordi – who was a pretty big guy – lying on my chest, nudging me with his nose to wake up. His weight was soothing. He would stay there until I calmed down, then simply hop down and walk away. The ONLY time he ever did this was when I was in the middle of a horrible nightmare – I couldn’t pay him to lay on my chest in bed otherwise. To this day, I have no idea how he could tell what was happening. My husband says I don’t talk in my sleep, thrash around, or cry out, but somehow this cat knew I needed help. Geordi passed away last year at the age of 13 from a heart tumor, and I miss him terribly. But am so grateful for the times he saved me from myself.”

8. Comforted Me During Stomach Flu

Sam McMahon

“The day I first got Thor, I became sick from some stomach virus. I didn’t expect Thor to care or even notice. He was still getting used to me, and a new household.

But, as I sat on the bathroom floor, Thor came in. He tried to kiss my face, and sat in my lap as I threw up.

The next morning, I still was sick. I took a bath, and to my surprise Thor joined me. He laid on my chest as I whimpered in pain, and desperately tried to find a comfortable position.

I ended up falling asleep in the bath, but Thor still didn’t leave my side. He was determined to make me feel better.

To this day, whenever I throw up, he runs to the bathroom and sits in my lap.

That’s the kindest thing a pet has ever done for me. All he cared about was making me feel better, and I have never had a cat be so sweet to me.”

9. Made Sure I Was Comfortable

kindest thingAditi Sharma

“The week I brought my first cat Kiwi home, I also got my periods. That month it was nasty. I was not able get out of my bed, stand or do anything. Its was Kiwi’s 3rd or 4th day in our house, and she was still not comfortable with our touch and was getting used to things around the house.

When Kiwi was in my room, I started to get severe pain and started crying softly. To my surprise, she came near me, sniffed me, then sat on my lower belly. She stayed there until I fell asleep. She made sure I was comfortable and kept on licking me once in a while.

She is the sweetest cat I ever knew.”

10. My Dog Caught A Thief

Mar Dero

11. My Cat Comforted Me And Rubbed My Head As I Threw Up

kindest thingAnna Quintana

12. Helped Me Grieve The Loss Of My Mom

Lori Jordon