Photographer Captured Dogs And Their Possessions To Show The Life They Live

Photographer Alicia Rius captured 6 dogs and their possessions to show the life they live. Rius says ‘All my life I’ve been an animal lover, and when I started doing animal photography I wanted to go beyond just beautiful portraits. I wanted to capture each dog’s unique personality. Most of the time, in order to accomplish this, I would get the subject in action, doing what they like or do the best.

Here is more about dogs.

1. The Stray


Marmaduke, the street dog, is a rescued Pitbull mix. Because of his breed, he was abandoned and lived on the streets to survive as a scavenger. Life on the streets is very rough, tiresome, and hopeless. So I knew I had to capture his journey in his eyes next to all the rotten food which was basically what he ate before being rescued.

2. The Senior

Magda, a very old dog. Her foster mom told me her story about how ill she was when she was surrendered at the shelter. Since then, Magda has endured a journey of vet visits, medications, skin treatments, daily injections… to get her back on her feet. But despite her painful story, she is fueled by love and hope.

3. The Neurotic


Bear, an English Bulldog. English Bulldogs are known for their stubbornness and get frustrated when they don’t get what they want. So how does he channels all that frustration? By chewing everything he can!

4. The Fetcher

Knuckles, an Australian Sheperd. This very high energetic breed is well known for their intelligence and their obsession to fetch just anything. Hence, the frisbees and medals that shows how good he is when he competes.

5. The Best In Show


Zig, an Afghan Hound that spends most of his days competing in dog shows to compete (and win!) the All-Breed Show title. This is an event where dogs are judged as to how closely each CONFORMS (hence the term “conformation”) to its own breed’s written standard of perfection.

6. The Princess

Lola Rose, a white Maltese Shih Tzu mix. A very spoiled dog that has her own Instagram profile and she’s very much treated as the princess of the house.