What Is Something That Rich People Do That Really Annoys You?

We all know rich people and poor people are not the same, even kids are so different. A Reddit user asked ‘What is something that rich people do that really annoys you?’ and here are 35 of the responses.


rich peopleShmeg19

When they insist that money doesn’t buy happiness. Maybe it doesn’t buy happiness, but it does buy vacations, therapy, adequate medical care, and not having to worry about whether or not you’ll have the money to pay rent and eat every month.



When they act like everybody has the same 24 hours in a day. Like, oh OK, how many hours did you spend at the laundromat last week? Or how many hours did you spend on the bus?


rich peoplebowtothehypnotoad

When they don’t pay taxes.



Build billion dollar rocketships while their employees pee in bottles


rich peoplebguzewicz

Try to be relatable to “regular” people on social media. Like remember when celebrities were struggling just as much as everyone during covid in their multi-million dollar homes? Yeah, they can f**k themselves.



When they act like or say they’re ‘self-made’ when they grew up affluent.


rich peopleClaymore69

Get away with things because they have money for better lawyers/bail/payout etc.



My aunt and her wife both work for the state. Her wife is the Deputy Commisoner of Environmental Protection. And I’m not sure what my aunt did but she was pretty high up and retired right before covid. Never had any kids. Needless to say, they’re pretty well off.

They send my 95 year old Grandma a bill every month for what she owes them. When my aunt takes her to Starbucks and “buys” her drink, goes on the bill.

My grandma would offer money on her necessaties, because that’s who she is. Pay for her groceries they bring her, etc. But they literally keep record of anything they ever pay for and bill her at the end of the month.

Like…where’s your soul?


rich peopleStellaaahhhh

When they lack perspective. It’s shown through the advice they give (‘Just borrow money from your parents,’ and, ‘Go back to school’). It shows that they have no idea how so many people live



Say that we’re all on the same boat. Nope. We definitely aren’t