What Is A Terrible Trend Found In New Home Design?


home designdecentralizedgear

In some newer neighborhoods, the houses all look the exact same.



I hate the design of homes that have a massive garage in the front; “welcome to my garage, the home is in the back.”


home designCreative_Recover

Homes built on the cheap with so many corners cut in their construction that they end up being horrible places to live in, plagued by mold, damp, noise and plumbing issues and more.


Tiny back yards and HOAs




Why is everything so damn bland? Why is white and grey the popular colors? Whatever happened to color? Why can’t we have living rooms wallpapered with big bright flowers, long suede couches in deep fuchsia? And, mile-high blue carpets that you sink into when you walk? Whatever happened to walnut paneling and colored subway tile in the bathroom? Whatever happened to delicate stenciled flowers on the inside of the bowl of the bathroom sink?

When did we lose our personalities? I just want a house that looks like a manic-depressive toddler version of myself was set lose in a JoAnn’s with a limitless credit card.


There’s a builder in our area who tears down perfectly good, full-of-character pre-WWII homes and then packs in these grotesque Craftsman-style-hulk-mode houses that take up every available square foot of the lot. They look absolutely ridiculous. The proportions are wrong, they blight the neighborhood. Bleh.



home designDefcheze

All white, white carpet, white furniture, white shiplap



Floor-to-ceiling, clear glass showers. They look great when they are spotlessly clean, which means it looks terrible most of the time in most homes.


S**tty bathtubs. I grew up in a 100 year old house. It had a nice bathtub with a sloping back so you could comfortably lounge in the bath. Modern tubs are pretty nearly straight up on the back so there’s no comfortable way to soak, smoke a joint, and read a book.



home designSarah-the-Great

Wasted space. This includes enormous bedrooms with sitting areas, homes with equal number of bed and bathrooms, extravagant foyers that eat half the front of a house, formal living and/dining rooms that never get used. Etc