‘Please Hate These Things’: The Worst Interior Designs Ideas

The Instagram account Please Hate These Things collects the worst and most hilarious design ideas. Check out some of the worst interior design ideas that you will laugh, hate, or both!

1. I’m Choking I’m Laughing So Hard

worst design ideas

2. Big 80s Hair Metal Fan. Huge

3. I Stubbed My Toe Just Looking At This

4. I’ll Take Swollen Vulvas For $600, Alex

5. Someone Looked At This House And Said “Yknow What This Needs? A Rapunzel Tower And A High Dive Platform. Then It’ll Be Perfect”

worst design

6. Congratulations On Your Leather Penis Island Legs

Please Hate These Things

7. Feel Like You Could Put A Nice Dent In The National Debt By Auctioning Off Access To Those 13 Comments. I Need To Know

Please Hate These Things

8. Tgiwtf

9. When You Want A Kitchen Island But You Also Want A Place To Do The 6 O’clock News From

Please Hate These Things

10. Takes 1 Decorative Painting Class At Michaels

worst interiors