26 amazing ideas that will make your house awesome. I want them all, especially #6

We all have ideas in our head of what our dream home would have, it’s something that most of us do from a young age, and it never really stops until you do in fact have your dream home. There’s nothing wrong with a little day dreaming, especially if it’s in regard to having a slide in your house as opposed to stairs.

There are so many things that people have wanted in their homes, some are more standard, such as a swimming pool or home cinema. Others dream a little more out there, it could be a racetrack in the garden, or a secret room hidden from plain view.

The 26 images below showcase some ideas that have been put into practice and some of them are pretty impressive, would any of these be in your dream home?

Basement glass pool

house design ideacaandesign

Indoor hammock

house design ideajeremyperson

Aquarium Shower

house design ideadornob

Window sill reading nook

house design ideahomedsgn

Lowered living room conversation pit

house design ideahomekulo

Two-level hot tub

house design ideaaqua-saar

Underground spiral wine cellar

house design ideadroold

Living room pool

house design idea


Slide beside the stairs

house design ideademilked

Secret passage bookshelves

house design ideabookriot

Suspended bed with skylight

house design ideajjlocations

Indoor slide to the pool

house design ideacurbed

Wall that becomes a dining table

house design ideafreshhome

Beer light fixtures

house design ideapinterest

Stackable fridge (if you have roommates)

house design ideayankodesign

Vacuum baseboards

house design ideaaerusvacuums

Foosball coffee table

house design ideaamazon

Aquarium coffee table

house design ideadroold

Drawers hidden unter the stairwell

house design ideaboredpanda


house design ideaboredpanda

Movie room with huge pillows

house design ideacozylittlehouses

Bedroom jacuzzi

house design idearugsandblinds

DIY coffee table from an old tyre

house design ideadiferent-photos

Outdoor swing bed

house design ideatheporchswingcompany

Cuddle mattress

house design ideafacebook

Cat-hammock table

house design ideaeandy


Shared Table Where People Can Work and Cats Can Wander