What Is A Terrible Trend Found In New Home Design?


home design0rangePolarBear

I really don’t like the fireplace design where you are intended to put your TV over it. A TV is way too high when over the fireplace.



I don’t know if it’s new new, but it drives me crazy when people replace cabinetry with open shelves.

Don’t people understand dust? Bugs ring a bell? Pet hair? Speaking of pets, how do you keep your cats from messing around with that setup?


home designblanketz____

Open concept everything. There is value in being able to separate some rooms of the house. I very much prefer to have a kitchen that is not completely exposed to the area where I am going to be entertaining company.

That way, I can cook dinner and not worry about having to clean up everything in the kitchen so its spotless because the kitchen is basically in the main living room of the house.

This and also the trend of having big a** f**king windows in the front so everyone in the street can see your whole ground floor. Makes your first floor into a f**king fishbowl that I would never be comfortable in. I like to be able to walk around my house without worrying the people across the street can track my every move.



The grotesque housing developments of the same like 4 models and 3 colors with no trees. Not to mention the houses are built like s**t. The terribly inefficient road layout with a million cul de sacs.


home designmakovince

Bedrooms that are only juuuuust big enough for a double or queen bed and a nightstand.



I may die on this hill alone, but I HATE open concept kitchens. Not the ones with a nice bar separating the space, not the ones with a window. I’m talking wide open, no barrier to determine where the kitchen ends. It’s hideous.



Those dumb fake balconies



Small laundry rooms, small pantries, no linen closets, but here’s a 20×20 media room to watch TV. My next house will either be laid out by me or made in the 70s/80s when they designed homes to be lived in.


home designoleander4tea

No door between the master bedroom and master bathroom. It’s so annoying.

The last 3 houses I’ve lived in have had this issue. I like to be able to close the door when I take a bath or shower.



Lack of storage space. Just bought a new home and didn’t realize how little space there was. We have one storage closet upstairs. That’s it.