20 Things Americans Think Are Normal, But Not

11. Gun ownership.

only americans thinks normalonly7inches,Paul Sableman

12. Having only two parties: Republicans and Democrats. I know there are some smaller parties, but the system is stacked against them.

level 1 K_51,Pom’

13. Not putting the final price on the tag. I’m not sure whether it’s still like this, but a few years ago one never knew whether the $1.00 item in McDonald’s or Burger King is actually $1.00 or maybe $1.08.


14. Date Order (MM/DD/YYYY)


15. Portion sizes.

pourmewhineoh,Jerry Huddleston

16. The plot of Breaking Bad being about a science teacher getting cancer and worrying about leaving his family with massive medical debt when he dies.


17. My maternity leave was an unpaid 6 weeks, and I had to fight them on not shorting me because I went past my due date and didn’t keep working until the day I went into labor.

robot_cupcak3,sergio santos

18. American flags everywhere. I traveled throughout Europe and the Caribbean and I usually only saw their flag on government builds and here and there. Whereas here in the USA the flag is like Franks Red Hot. We put that s**t on everything. Magnets, churches, cars, condoms, every front porch, and street lamp. #murica


19. Doing the pledge of allegiance in the morning at school

flavener,John Beagle

20. Had some American colleagues in Norway asking us how we celebrate 4th July

TitanicBeta,Michael Coghlan