20 Things Americans Think Are Normal, But Not

“What do Americans think is normal for everyone, but actually it’s not normal for anyone but Americans?” A Reddit user did in a viral thread that got many upvotes and comments.

weird americans things

1. Bankruptcy because you went to the hospital

weird americans thingscanesfan09,David Syzdek

2. Talking about their freedom as if they’re the only country in the world who has it…

weird americans thingszohan360,Denise Krebs

3. Gratuitous violence in entertainment is normal. But show one boob and people lose their s**t.

weird americans thingsdanno49,miramax

4. When you are 18 years old, you can be shipped to a foreign country to kill humans, but you are not allowed to drink alcohol.

weird americans thingsK_51,Fort Rucker

5. Ambulance rides costing money seems pretty absurd to people from other countries

weird americans thingsMeemesfourdayz,Paul Townley

6. Paying people less than minimum wage. How is it a minimum if it’s legal to pay less than that?

only americans thinks normalNZLion,401(K) 2012


only americans thinks normal


8. Turning scientific information into a political discussion.

only americans thinks normaleverythihghurts,U.S. Embassy Phnom Penh

9. Archaic, unhelpful standard units of measurement.

only americans thinks normalJSanzi,franchise opportunities

10. Putting a ton of sugar in products like bread.

only americans thinks normalTheThingsWeMake,Doug Waldron