20 Times Embroidery Art That Prove Patience Helps Create A Masterpiece

People share photos of their embroidery arts that they are created with lots of patience. Be ready to be fascinated by people who can create magical things with their own hands.

1. “I bought some cheap shoes and decided to decorate them. I’m totally in love with the result.”

patience helps create masterpieceducklady92

2. “I finally finished this. I spent over 100 hours on it.”

art of embroideryV_MACD

3. “A little fox taking a nap amongst the flowers”

art of embroiderytheflossyfeline

4. “I embroidered my father’s tie as a gift for his 60th birthday. This is the view from our window.”


5. “I embroidered flat shoes and wore them on my wedding day. I’m so delighted with them!”


6. “My 5-year-old daughter came up with the design, picked the colors, and stitched this embroidery. I only helped with knots and needle threading.”

art of embroideryRoundviciouscircles

7. “This is the first time I created a multi-layered embroidery.”


8. The interpretation of Van Gogh’s Wheat Field with Cypresses


9. “My best friend is new to embroidery, and she gifted this to me. I’m so happy!”

art full of patienceexplicitcensors

10. “I’m doing the cat’s portrait for the first time, and it’s difficult. But I’m so glad I can do it!”

art of embroiderygreenbanana11