10 Types Of Feet And What They Say About You

10 Types of feet

6. Ability to separate little toe

If you are able to separate your little toe, this means that you are looking for a change in your life. That means you are getting bored and looking for a chance. Also, these people tend to be exciting and random.

types of feet

7.  The little toe on the side of the foot

If your little toe is attached to the side of the foot, it means you are rebellious and want things to be done your way no matter what.

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8. The gap between the second and third toe

People with this gap tend to be able to best separate their emotions from their regular life.

different types of feet

9. Tilted third toe

If you have a tilted third toe, this means you are an organizer who lives to plan ahead and stay perfectly in control of everything.

feet types

Types of feet

10. Narrow base on the second toe (last type of feet)

If you notice that you have a thin base on a toe with a wide head, this means that you are expressive and like to blow things out of proportion. They will share in other people’s joy but also they are a bit cranky.

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Types of feet