10 Types Of Feet And What They Say About You

Types of feet and your character

There are all sorts of quizzes that you can take out there regarding palm reading or how the orientation of your face determines what type of personality you have. They are all based on different types of science that some people believe and some don’t. Whatever you think is true, here is the newest test about the 10 types of feet and what they say about you!

Types Of Feet

10 types of feet

1. The Roman Foot

This is one of the most common types of feet shape in the world, according to statistics. The big toe is the largest in size and all of the toes are straight and match with the image that you are looking at.  People with this shape of the foot are outgoing and sociable. They are, in a word, charismatic, and make great businessmen and women who don’t shy away from speaking in public.

the roman foot

2. The Square Foot

These types of feet are less common than the ones we just talked about. All of the toes are nearly identical in length and give the foot an overall square/rectangular shape. People with this shape foot are calm and reliable. Also, they think practically and can think their way through tough situations without getting emotional.

the square foot

3. The Greek Foot (Morton’s Toe)

This shape is more common than others and is characterized by the second toe longer than the others. People with this shape foot tend to be motivated and enthusiastic, as depicted by many artists and athletes who have this shape of afoot.

The Greek Foot

4. The Stretched Food

These feet appear thin and all of the toes go in a line down from biggest to smallest. People who have this shape of a foot tend to be moody and impulsive. Also, they also tend to value privacy as one of the most important things in their lives, meaning secrecy is key.

The Stretched Food

5. Inability to separate little toe

If you have this type of foot that does not enable you to separate your little toe, you are a person who values structure and routine making you a loyal companion.

types of feet