People Are Sharing The “Most Creepily Intelligent” Things Their Pets Have Done


So I have this cat: Chairman Meow. He had to go live at my parents because I was in the Navy and my ship was deploying, and they started letting him go out and come in as he pleased (which I was totally in favor of; he was getting chubby as an apartment cat).

Then my mom started to notice something weird. Now, for context, she’s in her 60s and had just retired. My dad was still working for another year or two. With me and my brother grown and moved out, there was a lot of time home alone for her (not that she didn’t go out or have hobbies, but that’s beside the point). What she noticed is that sometimes, she’d let the cat out, then 10 minutes later he’d walk by inside. She started worrying that she was having blackouts, or suffering from something with “Early Onset” in the name or something. It was happening often enough that she started keeping paper logs.

Then one day she went down to the (finished) basement for the first time in a while, and stepped into a horror film. Like I said, my brother and I had moved out, and the basement was carpeted etc. but was mostly being used to store stuff. Including, apparently, blood. Lots of blood. Staining the carpet, dripping down a wall, in the ceiling… She even found a pile of entrails.

Turns out what was happening was: the cat had gotten up in the suspended ceiling, and found a loose brick in the foundation. He’d worked it loose. Being a cat, he still demanded humans serve him by opening the door, but he could go in and out as he pleased also. And he was bringing his trophies back into the basement. The entrails I mentioned? On closer inspection, it was a rabbit (well, half a rabbit).

And that’s how my cat made my mom think she was losing her mind.


I woke up one summer morning to a flooded basement. My dad was yelling at me that I had left the outdoor faucet running which caused the flood. Spent hours and lots of money cleaning it up. Come to find out my dog, after watching me use the faucet, figured out how to turn it on. We only found this out because one day my dad heard someone cranking on the faucet, and when he looked into the yard, my boxer’s mouth was around the valve, twisting her head like a confused puppy until it turned on. She never did figure out how to turn it off though.


My brothers cat will look at you through a mirror and watch you. (Yes, he is looking I tested him by pretending to throw a cushion at him, he ducked) He can also recognise himself in the mirror. He also enjoys watching you shower through the mirror.

The cat is obsessed and freaky with mirrors.


If I called my girlfriend at around 9 PM on a Friday, my dog would always get excited and head to the truck.

I was stationed in Shanghai for about a year, but lived for years in Thailand with my GF and my dog.

Whenever I had a long weekend I’d fly back to Thailand. My dog quickly picked up on the idea that whenever my GF switched from speaking Thai to English, she was talking to me. I would call her when I arrived at the airport on a Friday evening, as it was only about 15 minutes from our home, and she’d come pick me up.

My dog was able to put this whole scenario together and went ape-crazy whenever I called on a Friday evening and he would immediately head for the truck to go pick me up. When I would call her at other hours of the day, he would look at her like he knew who she was talking to, but he knew that it didn’t mean that I was coming home.


When my kitty Furiosa catches the occasional mouse in our house, we flush the carcass down the toilet. She’ll watch the water burial with great interest as the dead mouse swirls down and away…

A week or so ago I woke up and went to use the bathroom only to find a maimed and dead mouse floating in the bowl. I checked with my husband, but he did not put it in there and it’s only us and the pets in the house. So Furi must have disposed of her own mouse body this time.


I had friends round and one of them brought fudge. cats were interested but got chased off it a couple of time. They wait for attention to shift to something else. Little cat goes into the middle of the group of friends, acts all cute causes a distraction, while bigger cat gets on the table, knocks down the fudge, little cat quietly moves on and then joins her brother eating fudge. Proper teamwork, that not only used their individual strengths but exploited our weaknesses. Impressed.


She was chilling on the couch but the sun was hitting her eyes and she didn’t like it. So she pulled one of the cushions that were piled next to her over enough that it blocked the sun and resumed her nap.


Woke me up and brought me outside to under the deck, where he very obviously showed me the cat that got out and was hiding under there. He looked at the cat, then back at me, then at the cat, then back at me.


Rock in a rocking chair. I thought my living room was haunted for weeks.


My outside dog climbs into my hammock all the time, which is up against the side of the house on the front porch.

Kept hearing this faint “tap… tap…. tap….” and realized he was swinging it, and it was bumping the wall!

Took a LONG time to figure out, too.. because when he’d hear the front door open, he’d immediately jump down and run to the door.. so we never actually saw him in it, until one day I looked out the window to see him jumping down. (it’s in an awkward-to-see spot, can’t see the hammock itself, I just happened to see him jump out of it this one time, and heard the tap as he did… put 2 and 2 together…)