People Share ‘The Downsides Of Modern Development’

21. It’s Hard To Capture In Two Photos, But Here Is A Brand New KFC Sat In The Middle Of Cleared Rainforest In Malaysia, Ready For A Development To Be Built Around It


22. Trying To Cross The Street? Bummer. The Street Is Only For Cars. Tehran

modern developmentvd772

23. Dhaka, Bangladesh

modern developmentbiwook

24. “Ocean Access” + Suburbs In Florida

modern developmentThe_Will_Here

25. A Lovely Day For A Picnic…


26. Each Of Those Houses With A Garden Are £1+ Million. The Grass In All Gardens Is Astroturf


27. A Homeless Man Sleeps Next To A 50 Gallon Drum Of Burning Scavenged Wood In Front Of The World Trade Center Under Construction, New York City, 1970

modern developmentbiwook

28. One Of My Most Hated Buildings Finally Got Destroyed And Replaced By Something Beautiful


29. Jakarta’s Chinatown 1940s vs. Now


30. No Need To Worry, Elite Architects Were At Work Here