People Share ‘The Downsides Of Modern Development’

People share the other side of life in the subreddit The Downsides Of Modern Development and here are 30 of them.

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The famous beach is removed in favor of building a coastal highway.

Government calls it a massive achievement to relieve traffic. Alexandria, Egypt.


Alexandria finished construction on widening an urban highway and building a new highway overpass over a prime public beach.

“Officials say this project is necessary to end traffic congestion, especially during the summer when large numbers of tourists visit.”

The Shuikousi Bridge is a motorway that crosses over the top of about 10 residential buildings in Guiyang, China

Infinite Amount Of Concrete…

Hong Kong’s Landscape


Vorkuta, Russia. The Coldest City In Europe (Lowest Temperature Ever Recorded At -52 C)


“The Before And The After Of My Hometown, Hungary”


This Is The Most Apocalyptic Image Of Modern Cairo, Egypt, I Have Ever Seen Anyone Take

modern developmentbobmguthrie

Town Square In Bartoszyce (Poland) Before And After

Dubai, United Arab Emirates


There’s Cities, There’s Metropolises, And Then There’s Tokyo

modern developmentmadrid987

50 Lane Traffic Jam – China


(Oc) Hebron’s Multi-Story Borders: Ground-Level Palestinians Construct Fences Above Their Streets To Protect Themselves From Upper-Story Israeli Settlers Who Throw Trash, Furniture, And Rocks Down On Them

modern developmentglamburg

Concrete Canyon In Manhattan