People Share ‘The Downsides Of Modern Development’

People share the other side of life in the subreddit The Downsides Of Modern Development and here are 30 of them.

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1. The Annual Monsoon Ritual Of Mumbai’s Ocean Giving Back What Has Been Dumped In It

modern development93arkhanov93

2. Hong Kong Street Life


3. New Delhi – During Lockdown vs. Now

modern developmentnaughty_ningen

4. Hong Kong


5. Beirut Port

modern developmentGordn_Ramsay

6. Uae Nad Al Sheba III Neighborhood


7. It’s Baffling How Fast It Changes

modern developmentilovebravebrowser

8. Mumbai, India


9. People Offering Prayers At River Yamuna, India, Which Is Frothing From Industrial Waste

modern developmentexcitedrod

10. Hotel In Łodz, Poland