People Share ‘The Downsides Of Modern Development’

People share the other side of life in the subreddit The Downsides Of Modern Development and here are 30 of them.

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1. Landlord Puts Up Advertising On Scaffolding Which Blocks All Light And Air

Modern Development

2. Address Be Like Left Testicle Dick No.7

Modern Development

3. Road above a building Tenerife, Canary Islands, Spain


4. 30 People Getting Coffee vs. 30 People Enjoying Coffe

Modern Development

5. Mumbai, India. The Divide Between The Richest People In India vs. One Of The Poorest. Extreme Wealth Inequality On Display

Modern Development

6. Residential Block In Hong Kong

Modern Development

7. View From My Hotel – Tangshan China, Birth Of The Chinese Coal Industry!

Modern Development

8. Los Angeles Train Tracks Not Much Better Than India

Modern Development

9. Vegas, Minus The Neon Glow

Modern Development

10. I See Your Sliding Puzzle Going Wrong And I Raise You Sao Paulo!

Modern Development