People Share ‘The Downsides Of Modern Development’

People share the other side of life in the subreddit The Downsides Of Modern Development and here are 40 of them.

1. A Boy Gathers Recyclable Items From A Semi-Dry Drain, At Taimoor Nagar In New Delhi

modern developmentParaMike46

2. Magnitogorsk, One Of The Worst Polluted Cities In Russia. Only 28% Of The Children Born In The Town Are Fully Healthy


3. Inequality In Tembisa, South Africa

modern developmentPTRMT

4. Ah Yes, Trees


5. San Francisco, USA

modern developmentSayl0

6. Norilsk, Russia


7. A Photo Of Central Park During The Great Depression (New York, 1933)

modern development


8. Town Square In Bartoszyce (Poland) Before And After


9. Residential Building In Hong Kong, Shot By Me On 35mm Film

modern developmentdredogue

10. Burj Al Babas, Turkey (The Largest Ghost Town In The World)