Tearful Mother Listens to Her Deceased Son’s Heartbeat Inside the Woman Who the Heart Was Donated To

A mother who lost her son twenty years ago got a lovely chance to listen to the heartbeat of her expired son. On this National Donor’s Day, Vicki Brannon, who lost her son on July 5th 1996 due to a fatal shot fired accidentally by her son, Matthew McIntyre’s friend, listened to his heartbeat in Jennifer Lentini, who was just 13 years old and ailing from a heart disease when she received Matthew’s heart. It was due to Jennifer’s efforts to meet the mother for thanking her, which got Vicki overwhelmed listening to the heartbeat of her son. Vicki met Jennifer at Tampa International Airport and Jennifer, as a token of gratitude, gifted her a necklace that had Matthew’s initials and an angel, naming him as her Guardian Angel.

listen Deceased Heartbeat

listen Deceased Heartbeat

listen Deceased Heartbeat

via Reddit, NY Daily News

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