People Show 20 Reasons Why Cows Should Be Petted, Not Farmed

Here is a list of 20 reasons, created by Voice For The Needy, that show why cows should be petted, not farmed. Nima Sanctuary is a sanctuary that rescues cows from factories and takes care of them with supporting of volunteers.

Here is more about cows.

1. Cows Remember Everything Including When Their Human Helps Them Heal A Broken Leg


2. Cows Love Their Babies

3. Cows Form Life Long Friendships With Other Cows


4. Cows Grieve Deeply

5. Cows Love Chin Scratches


6. Cows Love Hugs

7. Cows Love Hugs From Grandpa


8. They Even Like To Give Each Other Kisses

9. Cows Are Smart And Sometimes They Stare Down On You And Judge


10. Cows Have A National Day