20+ Adorable Animals Who Are Adopted

Everyone deserves to be loved. These wonderful people have adopted these adorable animals and given them a new and happy life.

1. “When I adopted Ahsoka, I was told that she’d hide and avoid me. But after about 3 hours, she came to me and did this.”

surprised animals jamsax1

2. “This is Artemis, a cat I have recently adopted. When I eat, she just sits near me and tries not to beg. She allows me to brush her and always guards me when I shower.”


3. “I just picked him up from the shelter and I’m taking him home.”

surprised animalsKootenayKailash

4. “When I first adopted Bug, he’d only sleep on the opposite end of the couch. Now, he has no concept of personal space. I’ve done everything so he could forget about how hard his life used to be.”


5. “This is what my ginger girl looked like when we just found her, and this is how beautiful she is now. Don’t be afraid to save a life, no matter how tiny.”

surprised animalsstateofsonder_

6. “Lily’s former owner treated her badly. This is the first time she has her own toys, so she takes very good care of them.”

surprised animalsDeesing82

7. “We adopted a cat today. We were ready for a couple of tough weeks of adaptation, but this is our boy 30 minutes later.”


8. “Yesterday, I took him from a house where another 13 cats live, and this is him today. I already can’t imagine my life without him.”


9. “This 14-year-old blind baby enjoying the best cat bed she has ever had in her life. I wasn’t going to adopt such an adult cat, but she was brought back to the shelter twice.”

surprised animalsbeaannola

10. “I’m taking Pepper to her new home.”