Cross-Country Team Embarks on a Big Group Run with Shelter Dogs

“I am not sure who was more excited.”

As any dog-owner knows, nothing gets a pet pooch more excited than their daily walks. This is no surprise, as it gives them the chance to run around and take in all the incredible sights and sounds of the outside world, not to mention playing along with their owners and other dogs enjoying their walk.

Sadly, dogs that are currently seeking adoption don’t get to enjoy these long walks as shelters simply do not have the resources to take so many dogs out for long walks. However, with a little bit of help, one shelter in California managed to offer all their pups a chance to stretch their legs.

Dogs at the Santa Barbara County Animal Shelter were treated to the best day ever recently thanks to the amazing students at St. Joseph High School. The high school’s cross country team was setting out for their daily training when it was decided that they could take some loveable pups along for the run.

Got a pretty cool cross country team (& coach!). Taking dogs from the animal shelter on a Morning Jog! If you see a dog you like, go adopt!

Posted by St. Joseph Athletics on Thursday, August 4, 2016

Each member of the team was given a very excited dog to enjoy a nice long walk, with the team making a mile-long jog with a dog in tow! As you can imagine, there was a fair few excited pups, making the footage of the massive dog walking experience all the bit better.

We aren’t sure who was more excited – the dogs or the students!