Touching Photos That Will Make You Feel Emotional

Some things might be much more emotionally touching than other things. Here are 20 touching photos that will make you feel emotional.

1. “My wedding ring on my daughter’s arm (1lb, 12 oz) — born at 26 weeks.”

touching photos© trimpdogg / Reddit

2. “My doggy died of cancer and my cat misses him.”

© onedaythiswillallbeyours / Imgur

3. “A granddaughter loves on grandma after she received news of terminal brain cancer. A child’s love is always so pure!”

touching photos© kirabracken / Reddit

4. “My significant other holding our identical twin girls together for the first time. They’re a month old today.”

© kjhumpal / Reddit

5. “I found a baby bunny and my dog wants to keep it.”

touching photos© Raino07 / Imgur

6. “This sweetheart lights up seeing her ‘Grandpa Crocodile’ on screen. I wish that Dad could hug my beautiful girl.”

© BindiIrwin / Twitter

7. “Our son gets to finally come home after spending a month in the NICU after he was born.”

touching photos© Angrynissen25 / Reddit

8. “My mom and my best boy saying their goodbyes — a dog’s love and connection is so pure.”

© Littlekcs / Reddit

9. “We finally met our goal weight! My 25-lb baby!”

touching photos© mariekenna-photos / Reddit

10. “My childhood hero, Tony Hawk, got the privilege of meeting my adult hero today, my son, Odin.”

© Timfrostyo / Reddit