Millennials Are Sharing Stereotypes That They Hate To Be Exposed To

Redditor NukeEnergy asked the elder millennials to share what stereotypes aggravate them the most. Here are some stereotypes that they hate to be exposed to.

1. When we are looked down upon for needing to use YouTube, etc. for learning tasks (e.g. changing a tyre) that our parents were taught by our grandparents but the former never took the time to teach us.

ScoutyBeagle,NordWood Themes

2. That we’re entitled. Having worked with the general public for over a decade, I can assure you the overwhelming majority of entitled and rude behavior comes from the over 50s crowd.

beeinbris,Austin Distel

3. “You must go to college and get a degree. You don’t want to be flipping burgers or changing the oil in some rich guy’s car.”
does that, incurs a lot of debt “These irresponsible millennials and their elitist liberal educations! If they’d been smart, they’d go to community college and transfer/go to trade school. They won’t just take a job, any job to pay the bills. They could flip burgers. Why should we pay for their mistakes?”

fishmom5,Peter Dawn

4. We got blamed for spring break covid outbreaks. WE ARNT IN COLLEGE ANY MORE.

mfsbiwti,mauro paillex

5. “Millenials” has just become a term for “young person with ideals I don’t agree with.”

stereotypesKayMaybe,Brooke Cagle

6. Being blamed for not buying things. Like, Millennials are killing X product line. Welp, the Boomers who won’t retire are clinging to the top-level jobs, so we don’t have the opportunities they did to move up and earn more money, so we have to be choosy about the things we spend our money on. Not to mention, most of us are trying to be mindful of our consumerism as a whole, not buying tons of stuff for the sake of having tons of stuff.


7. I kinda laugh when boomers call us snowflakes when they seem like the bigger bunch of wimps in history. Anytime they get a taste of their own medicine they act like it’s an assault on their freedom.

stereotypesFallout541,Jim Reardan

8. As a younger millennial, I hate ppl bringing up that I eat tidepods.
Ma’am ppl my age were out of college and in the working world by the time tik tok challenges were a thing.

theprozacfairy,Erik Binggeser

9. That people don’t own a house because they’re “lazy”. I have taken the time to explain the loss of buying power, stagnant wages, automation, contract employees, lack of job security, cost of living in other areas, etc. play way more into it.

lazarus870,todd kent

10. I, for one, am tired of hearing about the things we’ve “killed”. Tastes change all the time, this is not new.