Gen Z And Millennials, What’s Something You Wish The Older Generations Understood?

People talk a lot about the Millenials recently. A Reddit user asked ‘Gen Z and millennials, what’s something you wish the older generations understood?’ and here are 30 of the responses.



Just because someone is Family DOES NOT MEAN YOU HAVE TO LOVE THEM. Terrible toxic people should ABSOLUTELY be cut out of your life REGARDLESS of their relationship to you



Fox News and Talk Radio did to you what you thought video games would do to us.



Your s****y jokes that objectify women or make fun of minorities won’t fly anymore. Get over it.



When I’m depressed that doesn’t mean you need to give me lectures on what’s wrong with me so I can improve



Yeah, we know. You rode in the back window of a car that had no seatbelts, you got measles, rode bikes with no helmets, and still turned out just fine.

Just because you happened to be in the group of people who survived doesn’t mean any of these were a good idea.



Customers ARE NOT always right.

The original phrase reeks privilege, and self entitlement.



That video games dont cause mass shootings. Things like neglect, bullying,a bad home life, and your s****y parenting are what causes mass shootings



You can’t put yourself through college by working at the supermarket anymore.

Our generation is the biggest in US history, so competition for jobs is much harder than it was for Boomers, which causes wages to flatline.

Add to this that housing and food costs are at all time highs and it’s pretty bleak for us, even many of those who have good jobs at Fortune 500 companies cannot afford to purchase homes.

I would really just like Boomers for ONCE just to acknowledge how difficult it is today vs. when they were coming up. It’s a different world and they just can’t see it. It’s very frustrating because most of them still think that anybody willing to swing a hammer 40 hours a week can make a living in America and it’s just not true anymore.



That $15/hour in 2021 does not give you the same purchasing power that it did in 1985. When I hear an older person say “I used to get by just fine on $15/hour”, I wanna slap them.



Throughout our schooling, we had to write research papers using online sources, and our teachers really stressed the importance of being able to identify a credible source before citing it. Don’t be offended when you send us an article from and we dismiss it outright.