Schimmel Pegasus Futuristic Grand Piano Designed by Luigi Colani

The futuristic Schimmel piano resembles a space ship or a vehicle that is used to travel across the galaxy in a science fiction novel.

In 1997 Luigi Colani designed the grand piano “Pegasus” in cooperation with the German piano manufacturer Schimmel Pianos, revolutionizing the traditional form and design of pianos. Schimmel builds no more than two of these instruments each year, and only to order. Celebrity owners of a Pegasus grand piano have included Prince, Lenny Kravitz, and Eddy Murphy.

“Straight lines do not exist in nature. That’s why I believe in bio-design which uses a vocabulary whose inspiration comes from organic shapes with their violence and sensuality.”
– Luigi Colani

The first Pegasus piano appeared in 1997. For 150 years the shape of the traditional piano (both upright and grand) had changed little — Colani was keen to address this. However, the Pegasus’ unique design initially generated a polarised reaction.

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