Telosa City: 400-Billion-Dollar Metropole in the Desert

A tech billionaire’s vision for a more sustainable and equal future, Telosa City is a proposed utopian metropole in the US desert. The first announcement for the metropole came in 2021. However, there is not a certain location for it other than it will be located in a desert. The owner, Marc Lore, wants Telosa City to be operational in 2030 with a target population of 50,000 people in the first phase. Though, Lore’s ultimate vision is to build a place that will house up to 5 million people. Furthermore, the proposed city will have a size of 150,000 hectares of land, roughly around the size of Chicago.

Telosa City

The name of Telosa City comes from Ancient Greek which roughly translates to “purpose.” Similarly, the purpose of the desert metropole is to provide people with a new model of society. A society of clean energy, conscious practices, and equal opportunities; a society of the future.

Telosa City picture

Primarily, the lead architect of the project is describing Telosa as a 15-minute city. This term refers to the layout of the city which will consist of 36 different districts. All of these districts, and the necessities of city life, will all be within a 15-minute walking distance of each other. While this will make accessing social services easier, it will also eradicate the need for cars and fuel. Therefore, Telosa City will have cleaner and fresher air than nearly all of the metropoles in the world.

Telosa City desert

Despite being in a desert, the desert metropole will have green land that will stretch throughout the city. In return, this will quite literally terraform the desert, making it a beautiful habitat.

Telosa City terraforming the desert

While there are many downsides to a desert climate, the biggest upside is the continuous source of sunlight. The city will make use of this sunlight by putting solar panels on each house and every building and turning it into clean energy. As long as the sun shines, Telosa City will have power.

Telosa City houses
Telosa City agriculture
the desert metropole
the desert metropole layout
the desert metropole square
the desert metropole citizens