30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

21. Adopted This 6 Year Old Cat From The Shelter. She Loves Her Forever Home

rescued petsYui-On

22. This Is Jeff. We Adopted Him A Couple Days Ago. He’s A Good Lad, And Obviously Very Handsome


23. Cain Has Been Adopted. Now We’re Down To The Last 45 Cats. For Those Who Don’t Know We Rescued 130 From A Hoarder

rescued petsMissCrazyLady

24. Our Smallest Girl Luna, Just Adopted This Weekend


25. What Should We Name This Sweet Boy? He’s Sweet As Can Be, Goofy, Wiggles His Bottom Really Fast When Excited, And Gets Along With All People And Animals. He Also Has No Teeth, He Was Rescued With Us And Is Getting His Second Chance!

rescued petsMoonchild08

26. Adopted This Lovely Gal Today


27. I Adopted A Vampire

rescued petsnchristensen00

28. This Is Brad. The Shelter Told Me That Brad Wouldn’t Be Cuddly. He Hasn’t Left The Sides Of Me Or My Son Since We Brought Him Home Last Weekend


29. Rescued A Puppy Yesterday. Safe To Say He Likes Me

rescued petsfatboynico004

30. My Foster Fail Eva. I Cried All Day When We Gave Her Back To Be Adopted By The Public. Husband Went Back And Got Her For Me. She Is Perfect