30 Photos Of Rescued Pets That Will Warm Your Heart

11. Breaking News: Newly Adopted Kitty, Whiskey, Has Been Welcomed Into Home By Happy Old Doggo, Gus

rescued petsAppropriate_Ad_5290

12. The Morphed Axolotl I Adopted Last Week Is Finally Starting To Trust Me Enough To Approach Me For Food!


13. Her Name Is Pandora, I Adopted From A Family That Didn’t Like Her

rescued petsCollieflowersBark

14. I Was Told I Was Adopting A Kitten, But Received A Very Smol Parrot? Anyone Know What Steps I Can Take To Get The Correct Animal?


15. When I Adopted Him, The Humane Society Said “He’s A Total Lap Cat! He Just Wants To Sleep And Won’t Get Into Trouble”

rescued petsbarackobama_

16. Daisy’s First Snow! Look At Her Nice Sit And Wait. Adopted Her Friday Night! We Love Her So Much


17. Just Adopted This Stray Kitty And He Needs A Name

rescued petsmybnr34

18. Didn’t Know I’d Be Playing Matchmaker When I Adopted A Second Cat


19. Adopted This Little Fellow In Shanghai Yesterday. Was Found Abandoned In Front Of A Supermarket. Vet Says He’s Surprisingly Healthy For A 2 Week Old Kitten. Say Hello To Olaf!

rescued petsFuYang1990

20. This Is My 20$ Rescue Cat. No One Wanted Him At The Shelter. He’s A Little Funky. He Has Cerebellar Hypoplasia, No Righting Instincts And Is Always Squinting