Rescued Baby Beaver Builds “Dams” With Random Objects From Rescuer’s House

Beave, who is a rescued beaver, is a TikTok famous with 700,000 followers. He was just three weeks old when he was found by a woman at the side of the road in May 2020. Beave was brought to a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist Nancy( of Raising the Wild). Nancy will have been taking care of Beave for the next two years. This is the time that adult beavers need to teach their young everything they need to know to survive.

This is Beave, a rescue beaver who is living with Nancy, a licensed wildlife rehabilitation specialist, until he’s ready to be released into the wild.

rescued beaver

rescued beaver

He’s still a baby, so Nancy needs to teach him everything he needs to know to survive.

@beaverbabyfurryloveCame in for a mid day snack before a long nap. #animalsdoingthings #animalsoftiktok♬ original sound – Beave

However, there’s one thing he can do instinctively—build dams!

@beaverbabyfurryloveAnatomy of Dam Building 101. Start by moving any object you can find to the door. #DoItBold #dialitforward #animalsdoingthings♬ original sound – Beave

He’s been building indoor dams from items he finds in Nancy’s home.

@beaverbabyfurryloveDam Building #2 #doitbold #dialitforward #animalsdoingthings #HorrorTok #fyp #foryou♬ original sound – Beave

@beaverbabyfurryloveBeaves not damming in his pond yet. He’s to young. He does this in the house because it’s his safe place. Not yet with sticks either. #fyp♬ original sound – Beave

@beaverbabyfurryloveBeave doesn’t dam with wood or in his pond yet. But this is practice because to him, the house is his lodge. He’s going to great in the wild!! #fyp♬ original sound – Beave

@beaverbabyfurryloveBeave is still just using household items to dam. No luck yet with real wood or sticks. Or blocks in this case. #fyp #ShowUpShowOff #yougotthis♬ original sound Beave

He’s recently starting using sticks, which is a good sign for his rehabilitation progress.

@beaverbabyfurryloveBeave finally started grabbing the sticks to dam with!! Big Progress!! #WeWinTogether #fyp #ShowUpShowOff♬ original sound – Beave

And he’s been spending more and more time outside at his pond.

@beaverbabyfurryloveMore Dam Cam video of his stair/front door dam. #MotivationMonday #fyp #myhobby #wildlife #familyimpression♬ original sound – Beave

@beaverbabyfurryloveBeaver lodges stay about 33-55 degrees Fahrenheit in the dead of winter with body heat. So at night, Beave has to come inside to stay warm. #fyp♬ original sound – Beave