40 ‘Red Neck Engineering’ Solutions That Seem Stupid But Useful Somehow

31. So… The Analog Stick’s Head Broke And I End Up Gluing A Cork From A Wine Bottle… I Like It


32. Found This On Denton, Texas Facebook Group


33. Found This In The Wild

red neck engineeringcurdibane

34. Very Nice Shoe Dryer Prototype For You Guys


35. My Brain Is Hurting From Looking At This


36. Handmade Hoverboard

red neck engineeringpopcorn644

37. Less ‘Redneck’ More Of A Nutcase. Reposted From ‘Denveruxer’


38. I Wanted An Outdoor Super Bowl Party, But I Threw Away The TV Stand Long Ago

red neck engineering


39. Red Neck Hot Tub Goals… Yes This Is My Basement


40. Old Sheep Skin I Use To Keep The Controls From Freezing On My Garbage Truck. Works Like A Freaking Champ!

red neck engineeringdoorgunner43