People Share Their Own Woodworking Projects, They’re Amazing

The subreddit Woodworking is all about appreciating woodworking projects with the most creative, and breathtaking examples of wood DIY. These are the most adorable and remarkable ones of woodworking projects.

Here are our previous ‘woodworking projects’ posts.

1. Made This Rocking Chair In ‘97 Wood Shop Class When I Was 14. Had No Idea Why I’ve Kept It For 24 Years. 38 Now And I Have Finally Realized It Belongs To My Son. Might Be A Dumb Post, Sorry, But His Face Makes All Those Years Worth It

woodworking projectscoffeelushed

2. I Carved This Hellboy Pipe Out Of Briar Wood For Ron Perlman And He Sent Me A Photo


3. Custom Made Bed For My Son. He Is Beyond Excited

woodworking projectsSchmxdt

4. Me – Carving Nezuko Out Of Wood – The First Female Character I Ever Made


5. Bear, Raccoon, And Fox Bench

woodworking projectsBerkshireMtnSculptor

6. My First Work Out Of Birch With Dremel Since I Got Paralysed, Im Actualy Quite Proud With The Results


7. I Built This Crib For My Son. The Most Meaningful Project I’ve Made

woodworking projectsbuiltknotbought

8. My Proudest Project So Far. I Built A Canoe For My Father In Law


9. I’m Not A Carpenter, But I Am Proud Of How This Turned Out

woodworking projects_Adamgoodtime_

10. My Wife Wanted New Cabinets For The Laundry Room. Instead Of Going To IKEA, I Spent 6 Months And Double The Money Building These