40 ‘Red Neck Engineering’ Solutions That Seem Stupid But Useful Somehow

11. When Someone Buys You A Bath Bomb And You Only Have A Shower

red neck engineeringpreludachris8

12. This Took A Good Year Or Two To Make


13. Hello And Welcome To Poland

red neck engineeringeggmcgginton

14. 7 Wheels Are Better Than 4?


15. Slavic Redneck Piping


16. How To Do Laundry While Living In A Vehicle. Available Programs; Off-Road, Highway And City

red neck engineeringCurledsquirl

17. How To Truck Camp In The Winter (Found In Local Classified)


18. Mad Angler With Mad Homemade Vessel


19. The Ultimate Defense

red neck engineeringJoeyDee86

20. I Give You The Double Decker Sofa. Ideal For Game Night With The Guys