40 ‘Red Neck Engineering’ Solutions That Seem Stupid But Useful Somehow

Most of us probably had tried to fix anything in an unordinary way with creativeness. Even if red neck engineering works mostly, sometimes it is ended up with failure. People shared red neck engineering solutions and here are 40 of them.

1. An Upside Down Umbrella Keeps All Your Tools And Fittings From The Bottom Of The Ocean

red neck engineeringCraptivist

2. Damn, That’s A Clean Duct Tape Paint Job


3. Just Don’t Bring It To The Boil

red neck engineeringdmanning283

4. Does This Count? Seen In Devon


5. Rain Shower Heads Are Not Cheap So

red neck engineeringbeetlejules57

6. Homemade Alarm System


7. Old Boat As Pool

red neck engineeringdustindee

8. I See Nothing Wrong With This


9. Think Smart

red neck engineeringcarson0412

10. Now That’s One Well Engineered Redneck Wood Pile