40 ‘Red Neck Engineering’ Solutions That Seem Stupid But Useful Somehow

21. It Caught On Fire Last Year. But This Year I Give You Portable Fire Pit 2.0

red neck engineeringd-real87

22. When You Forget Your Spoon At Home


23. No Toaster? No Problem

red neck engineeringzDraxi

24. Found This One


25. Seen At A Hospital In Argentina, Latin American Countries Are A Goldmine For These


26. Stick Fix

red neck engineeringdustindee

27. This Dude Was Towing A Shed With A Lawnmower


28. Took A Free Broken Laptop And Hooked It Up To A Monitor, Used The Monitor Box As The Holder. Been Using It Daily For Almost A Year No Problems

red neck engineering


29. My Dad Sends Me A Picture Whenever He Uses The Turkey Fryer I Bought Him. Today, He’s Seemingly Cooking For The Guys At His Shop With The Help Of A 30t Overhead Crane


30. Okay, Sir, I Fixed Your Air Conditioner

red neck engineeringEternalSophism