40 Photos That Compare Real Beauty: ‘Instagram vs. Reality’

31. Unafraid To Post Unedited Or Smoothed Red Carpet Photos. Love Her So Much

real beautysplattertaint

32. Mango – Refreshing To See Older Models With No Photoshop


33. Absolutely Stunning

real beautyno_numbers554

34. Online Retailer Giving Us An Actually Average Male Body Is


35. Just An Outdoor Clothing Company Using A Photo Of A Woman With A Real Stomach

real beautyaliii234

36. Sanity Sunday – She Never Hides Her Flaws, And She Looks Flawlessly Beautiful In Her Own Confidence


37. Refreshing To See An Unedited Derrière

real beautyrocknroll_barbie

38. Rihanna Did That


39. Our Bodies Change Over The Years, I Like How She Shows It

real beautychatis66

40. Normal Eyebrow Hair. Colour Of The Eyeshadow Isnt Enhanced And The Eye Has Normal Skin Creases