30 Fake Reality Of Instagrammers Who Edited Their Pictures Too Much

The subreddit  Instagram reality is dedicated to exposing the fake reality of Instagrammers. These edits seem a little bit too much!

1. What She Lacks In Calves She Makes Up In Shoe Size

instagram realityfunpolicebendover

2. Econ 101

instagram realityreddit.com

3. We’ve Got Another Member Of The Pea-Head Squad. His Head Compared To His Hands…i Can’t

instagram realityokay_but_what

4. Photographer’s Page vs. Model’s Page


5. When Blurring Your Wrinkles, Don’t Forget To Blur Your Reflection Too…

instagram realityMagistraliter

6. Whitest Teeth In The West

instagram realitythelostdemon

7. Someone Needs To Come Take Their Moms Phone (In The Comments She Swears She Didn’t Edit)

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8. Skin Texture, We All Have It


9. This Sri Lankan Influencer Photoshoped African Elephants To Her Photo. There Are Only Asian Elephants In Sl. All The Elephants Are Photoshoped

instagram realitylionSLead00

10. Those Proportions Though