30 Life-Saving Tips That Could Be Very Useful

Sometimes we need life-saving tips even if they never look like that important. Here are 30 life-saving tips that could be very useful someday.

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life-saving tipsgaveintotheredlight

Maybe it won’t save your life in all situations where you could use it, but if you’re starting to feel really depressed, remember HALT.





Ask yourself if you’ve covered those bases. Eat a good meal and drink water. Step away from a stressful situation to decompress for a bit. Phone a friend, maybe ask for them to come over. Take a nap. HALT helps me a lot with stress management. Hope it helps someone.



If someone ever approaches you and tries to force you into a car, do whatever it takes to stay out of the vehicle! Your odds of ending up dead are largely increased if they manage to move you somewhere else. Fight to stay out of the vehicle like your life depends on it — because it probably does.

My cousin is in law enforcement and always tells us if someone points a gun at you and tells you to get in the car, your odds of survival are actually higher if you risk taking the bullet!


life-saving tipsBeardsuptheWazoo

There is a time to leave. To stop. To walk away.

It can save your life. Listen to your gut.



If you’re ever stuck in quicksand, lie down. It’s like floating on water, the dispersion of your weight will make you float.

Though I admit this isn’t as common a problem as I was led to believe as a child.


life-saving tipshayitsahorse

That a wagging tail does NOT always mean that the dog is friendly.



Some winter advice. If you are homeless, or for whatever reason have to sleep outside, find something to put between you and the ground. Cardboard works great but find something. All your energy will not warm the Earth and many people have frozen this way as the ground absorbs more and more energy.


life-saving tipswjr131

If you or someone else is having a heart attack, take aspirin. Chew it tho, don’t swallow it whole.

Also, when performing CPR, people don’t usually come back to life like in the movies. If done correctly, CPR can keep people alive for hours, so keep going until help arrives



If you’re on an airplane that crashes into water, don’t inflate your life-vest until after you have swum out of the plane. If you inflate your flotation device before escaping you are much more likely to get trapped in the fuselage as water levels inside the plane rise and you get pushed towards the ceiling.

Find your life jacket, get out of the plane, then inflate it.


life-saving tipsChampagneRaven

There is a cycle of violence when it comes to domestics. It starts with a build-up, where tension and aggression are escalating. This moves to an explosion, where the abuser releases tension. Following this, there will be remorse and pursuit. The abuser will start to tell. You how sorry they are, then start to try and charm you. This is where they blame something for their anger (usually you) and try to win you back. Once they have won you over, you will experience a short honeymoon stage, where they are on their best behavior. After this, is again the build-up.

The cycle just continues. It can end with you being killed. If this is happening to you, please do some reading (if it’s safe). Seek some help through your friends or family (an abuser is likely to have isolated you, but they do still care and will help). If you are being abused, there are people and services that can help. You may not feel like it, but you are worth something, and you are much better than they are making you feel. Get out before it gets worse.



If you’re near the ocean and all that water suddenly dissappears/recedes unexpectedly then get out of there and get to high ground because that’s a tsunami.