40 Photos That Compare Real Beauty: ‘Instagram vs. Reality’

Instagram doesn’t reflect reality truly. So, people compare Instagram and reality to find real beauty.

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1. She’s Firing Back

real beautymorethanapounding

2. Found On Athletic Clothing Brand. It’s So Refreshing To See The Representation


3. Saw These Two Beautiful Women Aging Gracefully! Nice To See Reality Every Once In Awhile

real beautyregan9109

4. Love This Model


5. Real Hands Without Photoshop – Jewelry On Older Women

real beautyHardluck-Woman

6. I’ve Been Waiting For Sunday, It’s Time For More Honesty Online


7. First Time I’ve Seen A Plus Size Model That Isn’t Hourglass And “Thicc.” Not To Mention Keeping The Stretch Marks In!

real beautyZeldLurr

8. To The People On My Last Post Here That Said Cellulite Shouldn’t Be On Strong Legs


9. I Wish I Saw Models Like This When I Was Younger And Felt The Pressure To Have Hairless Arms

real beautyIRanOutOfKitchen1

10. The Power Of Make-Up