40 Photos That Compare Real Beauty: ‘Instagram vs. Reality’

11. Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes Yes

real beautyMajorOooooof

12. This Insta-Girl Posts Pics On Both ”good” And ”bad” Days And Gives No F**k About It. I Love It


13. It’s Not Much, But I Saw This When Browsing One Of The Biggest Online Stores. First Thought It Was A Part Of The Earring But It’s A Hearing Device. The Little Things Matter!

real beautyteacuptrooper

14. As A Person With A Lower Belly Area That Sticks Out All The Time, It’s Really Refreshing To See My Body Shape On An Ad For Tights/Skirts!


15. How Refreshing To Know You Don’t Have To Have A Bubble Butt

real beautyQueen_ona_Bean

16. Found This Model With Normal Teeth (Not Everyone Has Perfectly Aligned Teeth) In A Clothing Brand App


17. The Woman In The Picture Often Posts About How People Use Angles To Appear Skinnier And To Hide Cellulite/Skin Blemishes – Found On Her Instagram

real beautyPlasticSunMap

18. I Loved This Model I Found While Bikini Shopping!


19. She Never Edits Her Body And She Looks Amazing

real beautykindrameda

20. It’s Nice Seeing Celebrities Have Photoshoots With Minimal Filters That Won’t Blur Their Skin Texture. I Saw This And She Looks Like Her Actual Age!