30 Times People Tell Why Did They Quit Their Jobs On The First Day


A long time ago, not long after getting my papers as a chef I had an interview at a hotel for a position in the kitchen. The Executive Chef and I chatted in his office for about 20 mins, at the time I remember him coming off as very arrogant which is quite common in this field, I didn’t think much of it at the time as the pay was decent and the shift was what I wanted. As I was leaving his office I turned to leave through the dining room (the way I had come in) which was closed at the time it was another hour or so before service started and he says to me “No not that way, go through the kitchen, you’re not good enough to go through the dining room.” I was so surprised by what he said, I just did what he asked without a word. Later on after I had got home I phoned him up and said that after having a close look I decided that his menu wasn’t good enough and that I wouldn’t be accepting his offer.



They hired me to work full time. I had interviewed to work full time. I was trying to quit a horrible job, and this job was on the other end of town. I needed enough money for the bus pass, and to make up the difference and more of quitting my old job. They hired me and showed me my schedule. I showed up for my first day, things are going good, then my manager called me in, sat me down, and explained that they’d have to cut me down to 15 hours a week because they’d hired too many f**king people. I explained, painfully, that I had to take a bus an hour each way and wouldn’t be able to pay rent or food after that. He said I could always hold out and hope people quit. I told him he could start with me, took off my apron and stormed out in tears.


quit jobsDraegyn123

Gas station. The manager gave me a weird vibe. I made it through the first day but didn’t go back.. Found out later he cornered another girl in the back of the store and she had to fight her way out. Trust your gut.



I technically quit before my first day. I got hired at a well known gift store. I was hired with the understanding that I would work Saturdays, Sundays , and a grand total of 8 hours a week (so two 4 hour shifts). Also at minimum wage. Not a problem with me, done that before, I would just pick up a part time job for rest of the week. Nope, apparently that wasn’t allowed. The manager thought that was a horrible thing and “disrespectful” to her. I should only work for them and only them and I should have better control over my money if I can’t survive on $64 a week before taxes….. Yeah, didn’t show up cause f**k that noise. She called pissed off that I wouldn’t show up to such a opportunity.


quit jobsStevie-Avail

Went into an Italian restaurant for my first day of work and I got 3 red flags on the very first day.

1- The manager said he had lots of hours for me and getting shifts would be no problem. Every single other employee told me that they were struggling for hours and that they had no idea why they hired me.

2- Everyone said the manager was an assh*le. Even the customers.

3- It was my first day there, and I actually had to teach the woman training me how to do one or two things.



It was a waitress gig for a local restaurant. I finished my first day, then was told that training would continue for six weeks. While I was in training, all of the tips I got had to be given to my trainer. I was being paid less than $2 an hour.

I called the next day and said it wasn’t gonna work out.


I met a landscaping crew at a 50 acre cemetery at 8:00am. The pay was just $5/hr cash (in 2001), but my hours at Pizza Hut had been cut and I wanted to make a little money before going off to college.

After 3 hours straight of weedeating I couldn’t feel my hands. I was filthy and hot af. It was miserable. I was 18 and headed to a prestigious school in 2 months, the juice wasn’t worth the squeeze, as they say.

At lunch I told the guy “Hey man, I’m just gonna go home and I’m not coming back.” And he had a totally awesome response “No problem, I wouldn’t want to do this sh*t at your age either, I’ll pay you for the time you worked and drop it off at your house.” $20 showed up about a week later.

I hope life is going good Mr. Sterly.

$5/hr was still not very much in 2001. It’s probably like $7.50/hr now.


I was a waitress, the only waitress, at a just opened diner. The boss didn’t have me sign any paperwork. Everything was under the table. But that wasn’t what made me quit at the end of the night. In order to get me where he wanted me to go, he would pinch my skirt at my upper thigh, not quite the butt but very close, and pull me around like it was a leash. Needed me in the kitchen? Rather than call me. He would come out, pinch my skirt and pull to the kitchen. Needed me at the cash machine? Again, come over to where ever I was, didn’t matter if I was serving a customer, and would grab my skirt to pull me. That act in itself, made some customers uncomfortable. Mind you, one couple left an almost 50% tip in the end. But I think it was more out of pity and embarrassment on my behalf. I was supposed to come in the next day but I called that night and said the job wasn’t for me. I came in a couple days later to turn in my apron and he just took a wad of cash out of his pocket and paid me then and there. God, he was creepy. I think it was a smart move to quit.


quit jobsScandal929

Had an orientation for an alarm company. Next day manager calls and says don’t worry about going into the office and to meet at “Planet Hollywood” they like to get to know the employees better over lunch.

Next day I go into the office and another employee whom I had not met says “You must be “Scandal929.” I was like “ha”?

They responded “Light skinned, pretty boy” is how the manager described me.

In same conversation I found out no one else had ever been invited for a “get to know you” lunch.

I’m out!



Fast food chain: I was 17.

I found out during training that the place had been robbed 3 times in the past month and 1 employee was seriously injured.

Not worth the $5/hr.