30 Interesting Propaganda Posters From The Past

11. “The First Lesson” – Ussr, 1964.

propaganda postersWillManhunter

12. The Only Good Nazi Is A Dead Nazi 1945


13. “Basement With Supplies” / Ussr, 1973

propaganda posterssoviet_posters

14. This Patient Is Hopeless. He Was Diagnosed With A Complete Lack Of Dollars. Soviet Union, 1950s


15. “Evolution?” // Anti- Nuclear War Poster (1970s Ussr)

propaganda postersManOfReasonCC

16. “…they Don’t Really Seem To Know Why They Are Protesting!” USA, 2011


17. “Rationing Means A Fair Share For All Of Us” – USA, 1940s

propaganda postersEssoEssex

18. “Nuclear War”, Soviet Union, C. 1980s


19. United States During World War I (1917)

propaganda postersAntergosLinux

20. Pro-Child Labor Poster ~1915