30 Interesting Propaganda Posters From The Past

Propaganda posters had great importance especially before media became effective as today. People shared historical propaganda posters on a Reddit page and here are 30 of them.

Here are propaganda posters from WW2.

1. A Known Classic That Never Seems To Age. Date Unknown (1920s?)

propaganda postersArnmaran

2. Help Keep Your School All American! [1950]


3. We Don’t Always March Straight, Swedish Armed Forces Gay Pride Poster, 2018

propaganda postersTheOther36

4. Barbarity vs. Civilisation, By René Georges Hermann-Paul, 1899


5. Anti-Vac Comic From The 1940s. Stupidity Is Timeless.

propaganda postersT3SKULLBREAK

6. Poster Distributed By Youthbuilders, The Student Group From New York City’s Ps 43, To Protest Segregated Blood Banks, Produced In 1945.


7. Anti-American Poster, Ussr, 1960

propaganda postersDmitryZaytcev

8. Dc Statehood Poster (2006)


9. American Freedom. Soviet Union, 1960s

propaganda postersedikl

10. “News-Leak Embarrasses White House” 1972.